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Our Mission

FairWay Financial was proudly founded by David Reid and Bradley Kellen. The name was inspired by their shared love of golf, and it represents the path to success that we hope to guide our clients on.

Our Mission

Our Mission

“To provide those we serve with the confidence needed to achieve goals and ambitions - through leadership, mutual trust, and character in action.”

Our mission statement sums up who we are and how we value our authenticity as people of high character. We seek to serve as financial guides, counselors, and leaders to the people we work with. We want our clients to truly understand the type of people we are, and at the same time, we are looking for like-minded people who share our values.

When you work with FairWay Financial, we guarantee that you will always be in communication with our founders, David and Brad. We believe that maintaining a strong relationship with our team is essential for building strength between client and advisor. Our goal is to build enough trust between each other so that we can act as a sounding board for any financial situation you may encounter.

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